Transport carts for ballet and stage floors


Transport carts for dance and stage floors from Dance Theatre Technology 

  • 5-roll option (roll length 1.5/1.6m or roll length 2m )
  • 7-roll option (roll length 1.5/1.6m or roll length 2m )
  • made of scratch-resistant steel, powder coated (standard option – black)
  • colours other than black are available upon special request (RAL palette)
  • the cart has four rotary carriage wheels (two of them with brakes)
  • the cart is foldable for easy storage and transport


5-roll cart

  • length – 175m (for roll length1.5m/1.6m)
  • length – 225m (for roll length 2m)
  • width – 0.82m
  • height – 1.10m
  • empty weight – 80kg (for roll length 1.5m/1.6m ) and 90kg (for roll length 2m)


7-roll cart

  • length – 175m (for roll length 1.5m/1.6m )
  • length – 225m (for roll length 2m )
  • width – 0,95m
  • height – 1,27m
  • empty weight –  95kg (for roll length 1.5m/1.6m ) and 110kg (for roll length 2m)


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