A special system of MODULAR sprung floor is exceptionally durable: the shock-absorbing layer and laminated plywood are joined with a flexible glue. The modular system can be very easily and quickly set up and demounted, for example on any stage, platform, ballet-dance facility or sports hall. Suitable both for professional and amateur facilities. It can be adjusted to any surface. Functionality, safety, easy installation and demounting, as well as durability, are clear advantages of this product. The floor can be installed by the client or by our crew. The floor guarantees dancers a consistent comfort of work. The special system of MODULAR sprung floor ensures proper protection of joints and muscles, and together with one of the ballet floors from our range, it provides dancers with excellent work comfort.  

Technical data:

  • module – dimensions: 120cm x 120cm
  • module – weight: 17kg
  • module – total thickness: 48mm
  • Compliance with EU standards pursuant to EN 14904 for sports flooring (individual properties of the floor system have been tested, including deflection, energy absorption, rolling load, etc.)

Manufactured in Poland


• Stages • Ballet-dance studios • Sports halls • TV studios and many other places.



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