floors – daily care


Below you can find information on the daily care recommendations for ballet dance floors, stage floors and fitness / gym floors

1. Hoover or sweep the floor

2. Wash the floor

  • Pour 25g of a cleaning product into 5 litres of cold water (to create a ready cleaning solution)
  • Do not exceed the recommended amount
  • If the floor is heavily soiled, the concentrated cleaning product dose may be doubled
  • Dip the mop head in the solution and apply to the surface at arms’ length
  • Rinse the mop, squeeze out water, then collect dirt from the area on which the solution was applied by moping the floor in the direction towards you
  • Repeat until the entire surface has been washed


3. Finally, wipe the floor with clean water

4. Leave to dry fully

The recommended cleaning product is Active Cleaner R 280 ( pH 8.5 ) produced by CC-Dr. Schutz

or products with similar properties.

R280 opakowanie 10L opakowanie 0,75L

We offer the following product sizes: 10L container and 0.75L container

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